2CK is an intertwined dual clock source. Two identical voltage-controllable low frequency squarewave generator units are fit into a 4HP panel - Clock A and Clock B. When the CV inputs are not used, each half has other half's output normalled to its CV input, resulting in two clock generators affecting each other, making them instantly generate curious patterns without any external gear. The squarewave outputs can be used not only as clock signals (e.g. for a sequencer) and other logic signal needs, but also as bipolar squarewave LFOs.


  • Clock time ranges from one cycle per half a minute to 140 cycles per second
  • Dedicated voltage control inputs with an attenuverters over both halves' frequencies!
  • Exponential CV tracking
  • Pre-normaled intertwine loop for instant intricate patterns


  • 4 hp wide
  • 39 mm deep
  • 23 mA @ +12v
  • 4 mA @ -12v
  • --- mA @ +5v

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