BOOL-OPS is a module with four sections that perform BOOLean OPerationS. Two upper sections perform the AND, two lower gates perform the XOR boolean operation. Each section has two inputs and one output. The input expect a rectangular signal - e.g. gate from a keyboard, logic signal, squarewave LFO. Every input is fit with a comparator, and will work with any type of signals - CV and audio of all shapes included.

A logic 1 is normalled to input 2 of every section, effectively making any AND a positive comparator and a 5v to 12v gate amplifier and any XOR a negative comparator, or a gate inverter, if only the first input is used. With both inputs patched in, the logic gates work as expected from binary operations: AND fires a gate when both inputs are 1 (more than 3 volts), and XOR fires a gate when inputs are not the same (either 0/1, or 1/0). These functions are useful for creative gate pattern programming out of simple gate sources, such as clocks or step gate sequencers.


  • 6 HP
  • 35 mm deep


  • Works with both logic (gate, trigger, clock) and analog (sound, CV) signals
  • Create intricate events and patterns out of simple logic signal sources
  • Convert continuous analog signals into logic signals
  • Invert or repeat/amplify gate signals
  • Create harsh digital-sounding undertones by processing VCOs

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