DIGENERATOR is a hybrid digital and analog canvas module. Its firmware defines its action, which ranges from a wavetable VCO and string emulation to short sample playback and microlooping, and beyound.

The internal analog VCO generates a very high frequency timing pulse for the digital part of the module. This VCO has good volt per octave response and an attenuated CV/FM input. DIGENERATOR's digital part is an arduino nano compatible board that runs arbitrary code loaded through the USB port. The code describes the module's actions. The microcontroller can read two OPT switches (can be switched by hand or by an external gate), four GATE inputs and one analog parameter called CHARACTER. It can output a high or low gate on the GATE output, and an 8-bit value converted to voltage on the DAC output.

The DIGENERATOR code is written in C, and there's a lot of firmwares readily available at the DIGENERATOR Firmware Hub. Firmwares are highly customizable, and you don't have to know how to program to customize - in the Firmware Hub, you will find customizers that will generate code with your custom parameters. We also offer a template for you to easily create your custom firmwares! Please, refer to the manual for further details on firmware loading and editing.


  • 8 HP
  • 45 mm deep
  • 60mA @ +12V
  • 25mA @ -12V
  • --- @ +5V


  • Analog VCO with tuned v/o and CV/FM inputs
  • Digital core capable of running many different firmwares
  • More than 5 customizable firmwares to try out
  • 8-bit R2R DAC output, in all of its crunchy old computer sound glory
  • programmable GATE output with an LED
  • CHARACTER analog parameter with an attenuverted CV input
  • Four GATE inputs to trigger different events
  • Two OPTions, selectable manually with a switch, or externally
  • Loads of fun exploring, customizing and creating firmwares!

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