EBB & FLOW goes beyound just being an innovative slope generation combomodule. It consists of two slope generators - EBB on the left and FLOW on the right - and minimum/maximum voltage selectors at the bottom. With its four separate, yet intertwined submodules, EBB & FLOW is a compact and intuitive slope powerhouse with endless possibilities of external and internal patch-programming!

The Ebb slope on the left on the module produces a spike-like envelope, perfect for percussive and plucky sounds. Ebb can be set to loop and become a voltage-controlled time base generator of an immense time range. The inject input allows to use it as a vca/filter/suboctaver crossbreed with audio, or as a negative voltage transition slew limiter. The Flow slope on the right acts like an attack-decay or attack-release envelope when actuated through trig or gate inputs respectively. Rise and Fall times have individual CV inputs and a joined both CV in. Flow has two logic outputs along with its slope out, allowing for smart patch-programming inside and outside of the unit. Flow can be looped, producing an arbitrary shaped oscillation. The OMNI input provides instant control over all time parameters of the module, allowing to make the patch-programmed havoc drift together to slower or faster territories!

The Max and Min voltage selectors are a separate submodule. Its range of applications is OR/AND functions for gates and other logic signals, creative sound mixing and rectification, CV mangling and more. The inputs of Max and Min have outputs of Ebb and Flow normalled in, so with nothing plugged in, they act as instant combinators for of the two slope generators.


  • EBB voltage controlled decay-only slope with 2 triggering modes, VC looping, shape control and voltage injection
  • FLOW voltage controlled rise and fall slope with trig (AD) and gate (AR) mode and logic outputs for patch programming
  • EBB and FLOW time settings continuously span from very slow CV to audio-rate
  • The OMNI control voltage input controls all time settings, allowing for easy access to dramatic movements
  • MAX and MIN voltage selectors useful as logic functions, audio manglers, CV layering tools, and more
  • EBB and FLOW outputs normalled to both MAX and MIN inputs for instant slope combinator action
  • Four submodules in one, usable completely separately, but matched and intertwined for creative patching inside and outside of the unit


  • 12 hp wide
  • 39 mm deep
  • 60 mA @ +12v
  • 55 mA @ -12v
  • --- mA @ +5v

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