Attenuvertion, dynamically controlled lag processing, envelope detection and sound filtering, cycling function generation at CV and audio rates - KON can do it all, and more. At its core, KON is a lag processor, or slew limiter. It has one signal input with an attenuverter, and an input with a buffered bicolor LED indicator. Upwards and downwards lag time are controlled separately with knobs, and each have a dedicated CV input. It's easy to control both upwards and downwards time using the BOTH control input. The LOOP switch enables cycling, but does not cut out the input signal: when scaled properly, input can cause interesting interplays with KON's internal cycling logic. This module is a versatile CV and sound shaping utility that will find many uses in any system!


  • 4 HP
  • 39 mm deep
  • 18mA @ +12V
  • 10mA @ -12V
  • --- @ +5V


  • Wide range of lag (or glide, slew) times
  • Dedicated voltage control over upwards time, downwards time and both
  • Easy and instant looping function mode
  • Input with a dedicated attenuverter
  • Red/Blue bicolor LED output indicator

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