The backbone operations of modular synthesis are addition, subtraction, attenuation and inversion of signals. LVL excels at each of these operations, providing two identical manually controlled voltage summators.

Each summator has three inputs, each with an associated level control, and a switch that selects between attenuator or attenuverter action of the summator. Outputs are fit with a bicolor LED indicator. The three inputs of Summator 1 are normaled to the respective inputs of Summator 2, effectively making LVL a 3-input, 2-output mini matrix mixer if only Summator 1 inputs are used. +6V is normaled to Summator 1 bottom-most input jack, allowing the respective (blue) knob of Summator 1 and Summator 2 to act as a manual DC offset control. LVL is a versatile voltage summator and can process all types of voltage signals living in Eurorack modular systems.


  • Two DC-coupled voltage summators for audio and CV
  • Action selectable between attenuation (best for audio) and attenuvertion (best for CV)
  • Built-in positive/negative offset generator
  • Mini matrix mixer action capability
  • Bicolor LED output level indicators
  • Skiff-friendly module depth


  • 8 hp wide
  • 20 mm deep
  • 20 mA @ +12v
  • 17 mA @ -12v
  • --- mA @ +5v

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