PASSIVE TOOLS 2 is a versatile collection of passive utilities in 4 HP. It consists of 4 signal processors, each designed to perform a specific operation with the input signal. TAP is a pluck/decay envelope generator expecting gate or staircase signals. LPG is a DC-coupled passive low pass gate made with a homebrew optocouple (vactrol) usable to process both CVs and audio. BEND is a quirky transistor-based wavefolder/waveshaper-like sound processor. Finally, LPF is a simple RC low pass filter with 3 preset cutoff frequencies.


  • 4 HP
  • 25 mm deep
  • ~60 gr.
  • --- @ +12V
  • --- @ -12V
  • --- @ +5V


  • Passive multisection toolkit in just 4 HP
  • Generate decay envelopes to ping filters or tap VCAs for percussive sounds with the TAP section with 3 decay settings
  • Easy and quick voltage control over CV or audio amplitude with LPG
  • TAP on longest setting works perfectly with LPG for percussive ringing
  • Enrich harmonic content of simple waves with BEND
  • Degrease the mix by cutting the trebles of lower sounds with LPF pre-mixdown
  • Complementary to Passive Tools 1

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