Shift Core Generator is a new, ultimate quasequencing device for deriving control voltages and gates. Its coreis a 16-bit binary shift register with dedicated enhanced and adjustable clock and data inputs. This module provides the means for creating all sorts of gate and voltage sequences: from completely random, to semi-random, to obviously patterning ones, up to locking onto itself for a looping 16-step sequence.

The six N-state outputs use the 16 bits of the shift register in different orders and quantities to produce stepped control voltages that take a limited number of quantised states. They are related to each other, yet in a very complex and unpredictable way. Eight new binary signals are derived from complex processing of the shift register contents. Four of them are available as the binary outputs. They output gate signals, mainly used for launching events in the system. The other four are used by the stepped CV programmer at the right to produce a user-tunable stepped voltage, perfect for precisely dialing in a range of notes for VCOs and other tonal devices. This output can take a maximum of 16 different states, and can be updated separately from the N-state and the binary outputs using the UPDate input.

For being so versatile and instant, and producing many seemingly unrelated signals at once, Shift Core Generator is a perfect heart-of-the-patch that can easily drive your system from a 16-step pattern to quasequenced complex patterns to complete insane randomness in a matter of moments!


  • 4 HP
  • 40 mm deep
  • 55mA @ +12V
  • 40mA @ -12V
  • --- @ +5V


  • Comparator-fit Clock input with adjustable threshold (manually and with CV) and daisy-chain clock result output jack
  • Comparator-fit Data input with adjustable threshold (manually and with attnuverted CV)
  • On-board noise source
  • A switch selects what to normal to the Data input: NOI for noise and randomness, SELF for a repeating 16-step pattern
  • Six N-state CV outputs perfect for controlling multiple devices at once
  • If used with a VCO, the 4-state out is tuned to step in octaves, while the 8-state out is tuned to fifths
  • Four Binary outputs for triggering musical events, gating envelopes and function generators, clocking other sequencers and so on
  • Stepped CV programmer for manually dialing in a custom set of up to 16 possible voltages
  • UPD jack for asynchronously updating the Stepped CV programmer

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