SLEDGEHAMMER is a vactrol gate core experimental dynamics and harmonics processor. This module serves many needs, such as mixdown, wavefolding, waveshaping, distortion, VCA, suboctave generation, and much more. The three signal inputs - one with a dedicated thru-zero VCA, and four differently processed outputs provide endless tonal possibilities and a core module for creative patch-programming. SLEDGEHAMMER is intended for heavy feedback usage. Two of the four outputs are normalled to inputs 2 and 3, so an instant dynamically controlled feedback loop is available.


  • 12 HP
  • 35 mm deep
  • ~157 gr.
  • 30mA @ +12V
  • 27mA @ -12V
  • --- @ +5V


  • Input mixdown of 2 standard attenuator inputs and 1 thru-zero VCA input
  • True vactrol gate core with big initial level knob, an attenuated and an attenuverted level CV inputs
  • Ping input for striking the vactrol core with a gate
  • Four simultaneous outputs with different harmonic processing for each
  • SHARP output has a separate, voltage controllable sensitivity setting
  • All kinds and colours of mild filtering, wavefolding, waveshaping, distortion, peaking, and even subharmonic generation
  • DULL/VIVID switch selects two different response characteristics
  • Pre-patched multipath feedback loop for even more crazy processing

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