Synthesizer modules, designed with a twist!

Greetings, Synthesist!

Welcome to the webpage of SYNTHFOX, a brand of unique music gear based in Tallinn, Estonia. Our main focus is modular synthesis and all of its aspects. We see the synthesizer as a hybrid digital/analog computer designed for musical purposes. This vision is the base for out instrument design and resrarch. We break every big device down into smaller ones, each fine-tunable and useful on its own and in conjunctions with other devices. SYNTHFOX gear is designed to be explored and performed with in unconventional ways, prompting new techniques and sound, while staying compatible with everyone's tried and true methods.

New Site Notice ⚠️

This is a very fresh version of the revamped SYNTHFOX website, and as such, not all module data has been adapted so far, and the possibility of encountering some quirks or bugs is not zero. Please, bear with us while we slowly-yet-steadily set things up. In case something you were looking for is not here, try the wayback machine snapshot.

Where to get

SYNTHFOX modules are available through our reverb store. Further contacts can be found on the Contacts tab - don't hesitate to strike an email if you have any questions!