SYNTHFOX is a one-person music gear brand ran by Aubery "Astro" Lis in Tallinn, Estonia. While making a variety of sound devices and exploring various formats, the current commercial focus of SYNTHFOX is Eurorack modules. SYNTHFOX is constantly working on numerous projects and developing new prototypes. Numerous modules of different purpose have already been released and re-issued, and SYNTHFOX is aiming to create a complete versatile system of modules usable on their own and as a part of a bigger setup.


SYNTHFOX brings a peculiar combination of wicked experimentalism and plain straightfordwardness to the Eurorack scene through their gear. Modular synthesizer is, in essence, a sound-aimed hybrid digital/analog computer. SYNTHFOX provides the elements to such computer that are original and non-standard, yet carefully thought-through and intuitive. Our mission is to explore and let people explore different, new and uncommon approaches and techniques in modular, while staying compatible with everyone's tried and true ways.


My name is Aubery 'Astro' Lis and (so far) I do everything SYNTHFOX related, from research and engineering to visual design and online representation. A lot of people know me by my scenic name Astro, too. I've been making electronic music gear since about 2015. My ultimate goal is to design a set of sound tools that are shaped according to my views on music and synthesis, are intuitive, multipurpose and pair well with other tools. I make a lot of music in a variety of genres, a lot of it is hardware-infused, some of it is purely made on hardware music instruments. I am passionate about digital graphics and cross-media art projects, too. Find out more about me at my personal website.